TV chef Phil Vickery has been working with Coeliac UK and has called on restaurants to provide more gluten-free options on their menus.  According to the charity, there is a huge untapped market of coeliac sufferers, who are virtually unable to eat out.  Meanwhile, Phil has a gluten-free recipe book out called ‘Seriously Good’, which includes some great baking recipes.  Check out his recipe for Chestnut and Roasted Onion Bread here.

more gluten-free options please!

Avoiding wheat and gluten when eating out is a nightmare, especially if you are vegetarian as well!  Indian restaurants are a great option with their rice-based dishes.  I have also found good food in London at the Leon chain where options are clearly marked, and their website states that ‘research is strongly suggesting that all of us would be healthier if we steered clear of gluten’, so they clearly have a commitment to providing gluten-free options!  The Giraffe chain also have a lovely Powerfood salad, which is vegan and gluten-free.

For more recipes, check these two blogs: Gluten free goddess and Gluten free vegan.   There’s also a gluten-free category on this website and I’ve posted an article on how to have a Vegan Victorian dinner party, which is also gluten-free!