Tebay Services on the M6

The RAC in the UK have launched a campaign for better roadside services, where travellers can have picnics in pleasant surroundings.  It’s good timing for their ‘Picnic with the RAC’ campaign, what with ‘staycations’ due to the recession, and now we have the Icelandic ash cloud keeping holidaymakers on the ground.  Sign their petition here.

Mind you, they’re actually a bit late in the day, as I’ve been doing my bit on this subject for years – Offmotorway.co.uk was my first website, started up as a result of my frustration with the appalling food available at motorway service stations.  It’s hard to understand why they have to be so bad and so expensive – and why more people don’t vote with their feet and go elsewhere!

And this very subject came up this morning on BBC Radio 2, when Chris Evans commented on how bad motorway services were.  His comments sparked a littly flurry of texts recommeninding the Tebay services at junction 38 on the M6.  This little slice of motoray heaven is also  described in  ‘B****cks to Alton Towers’ as ‘in every sense, a complete pleasure’.

So, have you ever been to Tebay services?  Or found any other roadside picnic spots or eateries you’d like to recommend?