We had a flyer through our door today, as we often do, advertising a fast food restaurant, this one a kebab house.  Now don’t ask me why, but I picked it up and looked at it, rather than transferring it straight from the floor to the recycle bin.

I was amused to see that there was a ‘Vegetarian’ selection which was comprised of the following:

Hummus in pitta bread with salad
Pot of hummus
Salad in pitta bread
Chips in pitta bread
Side Salad
Chips in pitta bread and salad (I’m not joking, this is true!)
Chips and cheese
Onion rings

I did enjoy this, but found myself wondering, you’re a kebab house, what’s wrong with felafel???

So for the Teddington Kebab House and any other kebab houses out there who don’t know a felafel from a chip butty, I’ve found a selection of tasty felafel recipes from my fellow bloggers that should provide some inspiration!

Forest Street Kitchen features the recipe from Moosewood, which to me is the traditional felafel recipe – chick peas, garlic and parsley thrown together with some lemon juice and spice.

Louise and Edwards Kitchen turn to Annabel Langbein, who favours split green peas as the base of the recipe with chick peas an optional extra.

What’s for dinner meanwhile, uses fava beans (broad beans), which seems a good choice at this time of year as they should now be ripe in the garden.

So there you are, no more excuses, felafel here we come!