I had lunch in one of my favourite roadside restaurants at the weekend, the Lime Tree in Chepstow (See my review on Offmotorway M48), where I had a ‘Superfood Salad’.  I have to confess that I rather undid all the super-ness of the meal by ordering a side of fries, but hey, I was delighted to find something vegan, gluten free and highly nutritious for my lunch.

When the waiter came to clear our plates, he asked me what I had thought of the salad, as it was the first time it had featured on the menu and I was the first to order it!  I hadn’t been prepared for the question, and as I had cleared my plate with relish I just said that it  had been very good.  But later I found myself wondering what the ingredients would be in my perfect superfood salad.

This one had come with blueberries and pumpkin seeds, undoubtedly on anyone’s superfood list, but also with apples, grapes, oranges and iceberg lettuce.  Certainly apples, grapes and oranges are pretty good nutritionally speaking, but the iceberg lettuce should probably have been replaced with a dark green leafy mix including watercress, spinach and maybe some baby kale.

Also, without the chips the meal would have left me pretty hungry, so I think I would have added some roast sweet potato or squash and added more protein with some beans and walnuts.  Then to make sure I was eating the full rainbow in one meal, I’d add beetroot, red pepper and grated carrot.  All topped off with a dressing made with omega 3-rich cold pressed canola oil.   Any other suggestions?