I have to admit that despite my best efforts, I don’t have the greenest of fingers.  I therefore feel disproportionate joy at the smallest success!  Talking of disproportion, I enjoyed reading about giant veg over on igrowveg this week, but all the time knowing that this is something I will never aspire to.  I’ve been delighted by my first attempt at growing cucumbers as there is currently a healthy looking fruit, about 7-8 inches (hardly giant!) in length.  I think today might be the day it gets picked as I’m too excited to wait any longer…

One of the things I have loved about growing cucumber is that each fruit is covered by a prickly skin with sharp thorns which deter even the kind of super-determined slugs and snails we get in our garden.  You see the prickles clearly on the baby fruit:

There are actually a lot of the baby fruit on one plant, but will there be enough good weather left in the year to help them grow?

The other produce we’ve started to harvest is the tomatoes.  This has been a pleasant surprise, as the summer was generally wet and quite dark, ensuring that no tomotoes ripened for some time and making me fear they would all be lost to blight.  But a couple of weeks of sun in August, and suddenly there was progress.  I tried three varieties this year, Moneymaker and Alicante, both of which have produced ripe fruit and San Marzano, a plum tomato, which was very slow to grow in the cold weather and has produced a small number of large fruit, which have yet to ripen.  Again, will September be warm enough to ripen them?