Rice Pancakes

Blinis are small pancakes made of buckwheat flour originating in Russia.  Apparently, early Slavic people saw them as a symbol of the sun, and baked them at the end of winter to celebrate the sun’s return.  I think there’s something rather nice about making a sun symbol at this time of year as the sun slips lower in the sky to remind ourselves that the sun will return again in a few months time.

I had been planning to make blinis for a while and keep a few handy in the freezer, but then I remembered this recipe over on 101 Cookbooks, which looked like a great idea and decided the combine the two.  In the end, I made half a batch of the mixture into blinis, then added some cooked brown rice to the second half and made the larger, rice pancakes.

This is a simple recipe making the blinis and pancakes perfect as a base for other flavours.  The pancakes are delicious piled up with ratatouille and the blinis are wonderful as a starter or snack with cream cheese and beetroot relish.  And, actually, they’re both rather good served for breakfast warm with maple syrup.

Blinis and Rice Pancakes

1 large Egg
150g Buckwheat Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
250ml Milk
1 tblsp Oil

For the Rice Pancakes
To the second half of the mixture, add:
1 cup cooked brown rice
freshly ground black pepper

Whisk the eggs until frothy, then add the flour, baking powder, oil, salt and milk.  Whisk or beat well, until a smooth batter is formed with no lumps.

Heat a little oil in a large, heavy frying pan.  Put tablespoonfuls of the batter into the pan four at a time (or two in a smaller pan).  Cook the batter until bubbles have formed and burst on the surface and the underside has started to brown.  Turn the blinis over and cook on the other side.

Repeat this with half the mixture, then add the cooked rice and black pepper and mix well.

Heat more oil in the pan, and add a larger quantity of the batter to make one pancake.  Again cook the batter  until the bubbles have burst and the pancakes is browing on the underside before flipping over and cooking on the other side.

Blinis cooking as the bubbles start to rise