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Looking for a day out with a difference, we were told about Frensham Ponds, a couple of lakeside beaches, deep in the heart of Surrey.  The ponds were originally created as fishing lakes in the 13th century, to supply Farnham Castle.  The pictures here are of the Great Pond, where the bathers gather in surprisingly large numbers, given that this place was so new to us.  The first beach nearest the car park was the busiest, but we kept walking to the second beach and found a quieter spot.  The water was pretty freezing, but there were one or two brave souls taking a dip!

As well as the sandy beaches, the lakes are surrounded by heathland, where there are footpaths for when you’ve had enough of sunbathing (well, you never know!), including a loop around the pond.  There’s a takeaway café (with a couple of veggie options), toilets and information on site as well as plenty of parking.

Frensham Little Pond is managed by the National Trust, who also have a gorgeous looking holiday cottage nearby!


Now that summer had limped into view, I’m trying to turn my thoughts to meals and side dishes of simple salads.  Not that it’s been easy, as the cold weather keeps returning, as it has today, and I want bowls of soup and hot chocolate instead.  Still I was lucky enough to get a present of a foodie parcel recently, with a couple of ingredients which have really livened up green salads and tomato salads – a bottle of roast walnut oil and two gorgeous flavoured vinegars from Womersley.  The Strawberry Mint flavour works well by itself, but the Lemon, Basil, Bay and Juniper is just delicious with the walnut oil.  The weather may not be doing its bit, but bring on the salad anyway!



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