Anne O’Connell

This blog is pretty much about food!  It includes recipes, food in the news and restaurant reviews.  It’s also about travel, gardening and books, but mostly only when those things include food…

I am a writer and film maker with a special interest in food, cooking and collecting recipes.  I am the author of ‘Early Vegetarian Recipes’ and the website  I have also written articles for BBC Good Food magazine and The Vegetarian.  I run a (very!) small food company called hollyfoods, selling home-made chutneys, jams, chocolates and biscuits at food fairs, usually at Christmas.

I have been a vegetarian for as long as I can remember and these days try to cook vegan and gluten-free as much as possible, for health reasons as well as being concerned for the welfare of animals and the planet.  I do still indulge though, and love coffee and chocolate!